I am learning to blog

The thing is, I am new at blogging. In the course of trying to blog, I started with my first article that was inspired by my friend, Al Kags, who has shown me that it is passionate to share my thoughts.

Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. — Kofi Annan

The quest for Functional Literacy

When people are functionally literate they can live fuller lives

So this is the blogpost through which I practice and learn how to be prolific about literacy. What shocks me is that in Kenya, 19% of our people cannot read or write. That is a full 8,930,000 of Kenyans who cannot read or write. In addition, we have to consider the idea of functional literacy, the practical skill set needed to read, write, and do math for real-life purposes, so people can function effectively in their community. There are many more Kenyans who, while they can read and write are not functionally literate.

To me, functional literacy goes a little further than basic literacy — the ability to read, write and count. It also means budgeting and managing money, appreciating civic systems — such as voting and its importance, how to get basic public services like getting an identity card, the ability to look out for best practices — a farmer should be able to learn the best techniques and inputs that they can use.

So this is what my mission is: to light up people’s minds and promote functional literacy in Kenya, starting with my community in Kilifi County.

I am passionate about Adult Literacy and Learning.